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Welcome to
Idaho Falls Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Since 2007, the Idaho Falls Veterinary Emergency Clinic (IFVEC) has been serving our community and is dedicated to providing high quality service to our referral client, the highest quality emergency patient care, and continuing growth for the future. We offer after hours care for your pets. We are designed to function as an extension of the services provided by your primary veterinarian. We understand that your pet is an important member of your family and deserves the best possible medical care.


The Veterinary Emergency Clinic is a fully equipped trauma and emergency facility that offers many services.  Our staff is trained to handle all types emergencies that can occur anytime during nights, weekends and holidays.  These emergencies may include, but are not limited to, animals being hit by cars, gunshot wounds or bite wounds, lacerations, trouble breathing, fever, infection, seizuring and many other conditions.

You may be referred to our hospital for a number of reasons:
  • You may have an emergency at a time your family veterinarian is not available.
  • Your pet has been undergoing at home treatment for an ongoing medical condition but has suddenly deteriorated at a time your family veterinarian is unavailable.
  • Your pet has just had a special procedure or is very sick and needs to stay with us for continued care, pain management and monitoring.
Goal Statement
Our goal here at Idaho Falls Veterinary Emergency Clinic is to provide high quality, compassionate care and comfort to both our patients and their families.  Our work is our passion, and we strive to continually educate our doctors and staff to ensure commitment to excellence in emergency veterinary medical care and emotional support.


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